Tuvunu was founded upon a simple premise:
Since Greece has been blessed with some of the world’s finest herbs, fruit and natural spring water, a combination of these key ingredients would inevitably result in the world’s finest soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Tuvunu’s corporate philosophy is just as simple:
Everything we produce must be good for our customers, our growers and the environment. And since we’re a family owned and operated company, it’s especially important for us to be part of a healthy, eco-friendly and prosperous community.

That's why we've embarked on an innovative contractual farming program with our growers in Macedonia and Thrace and use only locally sourced teas, herbs and fruit in all our beverages. And there are never any artificial additives or preservatives in any of our products; ever.
Furthermore, we have committed ourselves to reducing Tuvunu’s carbon footprint to a bare minimum, through the use of 99.9% recyclable aluminum containers for all our products, our innovative “green” pricing policy and strict adherence to our “paperless” office management guidelines.

Tuvunu’s signature beverage combines all natural Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis) with fresh squeezed lemons, wildflower honey and a hint of brown cane sugar in a uniquely refreshing soft drink that can be enjoyed year round, chilled or hot.
We're certain that one taste will have you convinced that “Nothing Compares...Tuvunu!” and hope that you’ll enjoy our products as much as we do, each and every day!

 Tuvunu Greek Mountain Tea  Tuvunu Sparkling Water